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MAU on 2018.077
Very nice framing. If the spider had been on its web, it would look as it he was trying to catch it with his hands.

Existence Artistique on 2018.078

Babzy on 2018.078
excellent framing ! :)

Michael Skorulski on 2018.078
Wonderful composition.

Existence Artistique on 2018.077
oh écoute-moi

Babzy on 2018.076
Lovely bird

Steven on 2018.076
Splendid clarity with color that really pops!

Existence Artistique on 2018.076

Marjolein on 2018.076
Echt fotogeniek zijn de roodborstjes hè ?

omid on 2018.074
L O V E L Y !

omid on 2018.075
very nice shot! L O V E L Y !

Willem on 2018.075
Mooi die wulp in vlucht in deze fraaie compositie.

Existence Artistique on 2018.075

Babzy on 2018.075
great capture ! :)

Michael Skorulski on 2018.075

365 on 2018.075
The pleasure of flying.

365 on 2018.068
Those beautiful eyes were watching you.

365 on 2018.069
I hope it's not your house.

365 on 2018.070
The designer took advantage of the shape of the railing, and the photographer saw this discreet drawing.

365 on 2018.072
Scary these barbed wire. The first row is well highlighted.

Existence Artistique on 2018.074
bien posé

Marjolein on 2018.074
Héél mooi silhouet, alhoewel de vogel er scherp op staat.

Existence Artistique on 2018.073

Marjolein on 2018.067
Mooi in zw-wit

Marjolein on 2018.073
Ha ha....prachtig kleurrijk regenstralenbeeld

Steven on 2018.072
Great abstract captured in this razor wire!! Excellent tones as well.

Existence Artistique on 2018.072
c'est une intéressante idée et bien réalisée

Anne on 2018.072
Jolis engrenages.

MAU on 2018.071
Never seen something like that. Nice catch.

Existence Artistique on 2018.071
bon travail

Michael Skorulski on 2018.071
Wonderful cool transport.

Olivier on 2018.070

Existence Artistique on 2018.070

Harry on 2018.069
nice urb ex find

Existence Artistique on 2018.069
une intéressante recherche et composition

Juan Antonio Zamarripa [Esqueda] on 2018.069
Quite the eye!

Jean-Luc.M on 2018.067
Superbe paysage gris d'hiver !

Existence Artistique on 2018.068
oh beau ces yeux

Michael Skorulski on 2018.068

Existence Artistique on 2018.067

Existence Artistique on 2018.066
bel effet

Existence Artistique on 2018.066
bel effet

Existence Artistique on 2018.065
bel effet

365 on 2018.063
I like this picture very simple; nothing but the essential.

Jean-Luc.M on 2018.063
Very graphic this black and white picture !

Existence Artistique on 2018.063
génial les pas

Existence Artistique on 2018.062
bien ce lieu

Steven on 2018.061
Spot-on clarity captured in the plumage and the flamingo's eye!! The lighting is perfect.

Existence Artistique on 2018.061

Michael Skorulski on 2018.061
Lovely gentle detail and colors.

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