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Existence Artistique on 2020.053

Existence Artistique on 2020.052
Superbe ces diagonale

Dutchess on 2020.051
Goed gekaderd!

Ralf Kesper on 2020.051
Good and clear b/w.

Existence Artistique on 2020.051
intéressant ces deux parties

Gérard on 2020.051
I have always loved these symbols of passages, doors and stairs. Here I have all three at once !

Dutchess on 2020.050
Netjes!! ;-)

Ralf Kesper on 2020.050
This looks pretty crazy.

Existence Artistique on 2020.050
oh génial

Marjolein on 2020.050
Je hebt je visje op het droge ;-0

Ralf Kesper on 2020.049
Well seen effect!

Existence Artistique on 2020.049
belle lumière

Dutchess on 2020.049
Meervoudige persoonlijkheid? ;-) Een gaaf effect!

You Know Me on 2020.047
Trippy! I can't even make out the scale or original orientation!

beach on 2020.049
Co-joined twins?

Gérard on 2020.049
If we never have the pleasure of reading your comments ... at least we can see you ........... !

Harry on 2020.048
wow - first glance is ho-hum and I clicked past, but then the shadows registered and I backed up. nicely seen and shot

Ralf Kesper on 2020.048
Wow, that's sexy curves!

Existence Artistique on 2020.048
intéressante courbe

beach on 2020.048
Nice gentle curve of shopping carts.

Jorge on 2020.048
Without the top third this image could be much stronger. Nice play with shadows.

Existence Artistique on 2020.047

bruce millen on 2020.046
a WOW.

Dutchess on 2020.046
Schitterende kleuren en wat een mooie abstract plaat op deze manier!!

Existence Artistique on 2020.046
oh génial

Nadine on 2020.046
joli petit délire pour le Week end…:-)))

Ralf Kesper on 2020.046
Delicate work.

Ralf Kesper on 2020.045
Daily heroes! Chapeau!

Existence Artistique on 2020.045
bien intéressante action

omid on 2020.044
Amazing silhouettes.

Dutchess on 2020.044
Mooie vormen en net een klein beetje licht ...

Existence Artistique on 2020.044
bien les branches fines

Le Krop on 2020.044
Beau graphisme.

Dutchess on 2020.043
Goed gezien!! Gave reflectie van de kale bomen ...

Dutchess on 2020.042

Abby on 2020.043
Beautiful reflections of the trees on the windows ...

Existence Artistique on 2020.043
bien ce rouge

Ralf Kesper on 2020.043
Clear and nice capture.

Existence Artistique on 2020.042
intéressant ce D10

Ralf Kesper on 2020.042
Gigantic game indeed.

Dutchess on 2020.041
Vast geen doorkomen aan ...

Existence Artistique on 2020.041
bel effet sur ces branches

Existence Artistique on 2020.040
bel effet

Harry on 2020.039
ah, looks like a ghost in the exhibit - interesting take

omid on 2020.039
A M A Z I N G !!!!!

Dutchess on 2020.039
Geweldig gezien!!!!

Le Krop on 2020.039
Intéressant. Très.

Ralf Kesper on 2020.039
Interesting capture.

Existence Artistique on 2020.039
bel effet avec ce reflet

Olivier P on 2020.039
J'adore...tout simplement ! Bien joué !

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